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Blogger Album Project

I, too am crazy late with this post, but i wanted to participate no matter how late i posted this up. I was tagged by Mr. 8thlight himself wanted to try and give my input. The task: to list my 7 albums of all time. Pssshhhhawww! Tough indeed. I'll give it a shot.. ugh, my head already hurts :)
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(in no particular order and off the top of the dome)

Fulfillingness' First Finale - Steve Wonder: I grew up with this album and it's basically what made me love music. Inspired, great writing and musicianship, great lyrics and feel. What albums SHOULD be like! Reminds me of childhood and good, happy times.

Roy Hargrove with the Tenors of Our Time - Roy Hargrove: This isn't what got me into jazz, but what helped me realize that it wasn't "weird" for me to be into it. That it wasn't just me and a bunch of "old cats" that loved jazz. Here was a new school, hip hop cat the same approximate age as me hanging with the legends. I hoped that my boy and I could start a jazz band. But hey, I was only in high school and had big dreams.

The Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest: This is when I fell in total, drooling love with Hip Hop. I grew up on it of course - with Run DMC and Whodini and so many others, but this is what made hip hop "mine". Something for the guys who loved lyrics and samples and instruments. For lack of a better term - "thinking man's hip hop". I swear i listened to this at least 3 times a week on the way to school with my boys and brother. Makes me smile just thinking of it.

Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde - The Pharcyde: Pretty much just like The Low End Theory, but what made it just as special was now the West Coast had a non-gansta answer to the East Coast boom-bap. Showed the world that West Coast could be lyrical (and smoked out), too. Also it gave me and my "crew" a voice. We weren't gangsta and we weren't East Coast, so they helped us see where we fit in.

Royal Garden Blues - Branford Marsalis: When I started playing saxophone in 4th grade, my dad gave me a tape to listen to. "If you're going to play sax, play it right". He didn't give me this tape, but this is the first jazz album i ever bought with my own money. I STILL bump this to this day (it came out in 1984). I consider Branford the Coltrane of our era. So talented and so underappreciated (even over looked because of his brother Wynton). Dude can do anything with a horn.

OK Computer - Radiohead: This is what I would consider "backpack" rock. I always kind of liked rock but wasn't crazy about it, but when this came out, it showed to me that rock could be creative and abstract, too. Plus, it introduced me to "indie chicks" LOL. The girl who lent me this cd never knew about my crush lol. This got me into "indie rock" and opened a whole new world to me.

tie: The Main Ingredient - Pete Rock & CL Smooth / Midnight Marauders - A Tribe Called Quest. This is a cop out. I didn't want to leave either one out, so i included both. Yeah, i know.. whatever. Every hipster/backpacker mentions Midnight Mauraders but what can i say. It's a classic. It goes hand in hand with the Low End Theory to me. Just what i feel hip hop should be in every aspect. The Main Ingredient was the same. Bumped this everyday for like 3 years (or more). Pete Rock is my fave dj of all time and I'll take time to listen to ANYTHING he touches because of this album. CL was mad underappreciated also. But, Pete and CL just went together. They just complemented each other so much. Honestly, each one wasn't the same after they "broke up". Still good, but not as good as they were together.

So there you have it. Sorry about the lateness on this post. Plus, I excluded about 5 more albums that i could have easily added to this list. It was so difficult to narrow it down that i just went with what came off the top of my head. Hope you respect it!

I tag:
Mouse (Classical Geek Theater)
Von Pea (for kicks & giggles)
& Don Will (more kicks & giggles)

that's all i know, sorry, i ain't got 7 blogger friends =\

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